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Lenaj TAG Challenge

Lenaj Collection's "TAG YOU'RE IT!" challenge is one of a kind & part of a rare collection. We came up with the challenge post pandemic - Between every TAG is a powerful connection bringing our communities back together; tagging in honor of a cause or social issue that resonates with you or a loved one.


(E.g., Autism, Lupus, MS, Cancers, Mental Health, Domestic or Gun Violence, Military, Black Lives Matter, etc.)

No cause?? No worries!! You can tag as "Thinking of you".

Every individual has their own untold stories of strength, hope, determination, passion, fear or loss.


This is a great way to...

Spread Smiles

Brighten up someone's day & make a positive difference in the world.

Spread Love

Heal wounds, create strong connections & inspire kindness in ourselves & others.

Spread Awareness

Promote the importance of understanding important issues & be empowered to take action.