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Embrace your inner warrior with Lenaj Collection & wear your strength with pride!

"Wearing is Caring."

Lenaj Collection is not just a clothing brand; we exist to "empower" modern-day warriors who face life's battles head on with unwavering strength, courage, and resilience; refusing to back down in the face of adversity. The brand is dedicated to the memory of the brand owner LaKesha "Keyz" Risby's dear cousin; Janel "Lesha" Wilson who passed away in 2018 from complications w/ Lupus, an autoimmune disease.  Although Ms. Risby has been through quite a few losses she was determined to do something to honor Janel's memory; something that would also allow her to give back and she came up with Lenaj Collection. (Lenaj is Janel spelled backwards).

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Lenaj is Purpose driven - bridging the gap between style & a-wear-ness. Whether you're a survivor, a protector, a fighter for a cause, or simply someone who face's life's challenges with grace, Lenaj Collection is for YOU! 


A portion of each purchase goes towards supporting causes; and we also give back through our time in the community. We aspire to make an impact with the help of our customers & supporters far and wide; none of this can be done without them, and we're so beyond grateful.


We want to ensure that our clothing is not only stylish, but also serves as a canvas for our message so whether design, color scheme, or pattern it's symbolic or associated with an awareness theme. If the item is just brand related, proceeds automatically go to the Lupus Foundation in Janel's memory. Love life was the message Janel would spread no matter how rough times got, now with keeping that in mind as part of our motto; we've crafted our brand with the goal of spreading awareness, and also advocating that love life lifestyle.









 The meaning behind the Lenaj lion



Our lion symbolizes Strength & Courage to get through any obstacle in life. If you look closely, you'll notice its mane is united by close & "overlapping" survivor ribbons. The ribbons itself represent Hope and the closeness/overlapping symbolizes Unity; coming together & standing up for whatever cause resonates with your life story. The ribbons on the lion's head form a crown symbolizing Honor. We're honoring the warriors struggling each day & warriors that have lost their fight to any cause or social issue that exists. Although, many Leos love the Lenaj lion it solely reflects our slogan -


Possessing a "Spirit of Strength, Hope & Unity" for all.

JOIN the Lenaj community, where warriors from all walks of life come together to share their stories and provide support. Together we'll conquer life's battles, one stylish, purpose-driven outfit at a time as WE NEVER forget the warriors, we love who no longer Fight 2Live or Live 2Fight.​

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