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Gauranteed comfort for those breezy days or chilly nights.


Our TAG hoody is stylish yet ALL about awareness. It's not just about spreading awareness for your supported cause like the T-shirts, but for ALL causes. The hand displayed on front of the hoody will still be the color of YOUR supported cause's survivor ribbon (eg. Cancer, Lupus, Autism, Domestic Violence, Military, Gay Pride), but one sleeve will also have a variety of colored hands going down it representing all causes associated with the color or design. The second sleeve will display our Lenaj Lion whoms mane is made up of survivor ribbons. Our lion as a whole symbolizes Courage, Strength, Hope & Unity. 


Even better - These hoodies are original & custom made to order therefore no two hoodies will be identical; The exact placement of hands on the sleeve will differ.


Youth hoodies will have hands on both sleeves.


**Non refundable / Non exchangeable**

TAG _ Hooded Sweatshirt

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