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Spotlighting Mental Health Awareness

Hey Lenaj Fam-

We want YOU to know WE care!!

This is a reminder to make sure you take care of yourself. Life gets busy & crazy whether you are managing a family, a business of your own, work pressures, relationship issues, and unfortunate life experiences; Whatever happens please take time for yourself & your mental well being.

Here are some wellness ideas for coping... Journal for 10 minutes Create a gratitude list or write down your strengths Perform a random act of kindness (You'll feel great!) Paint/Color or simply Create Switch up or Create a AM/PM routine Have Tea time w/ a good book Do a Guided Meditation or practice mindful breathing Do Yoga or Tai Chi Get some fresh air & go for a walk or run Get to the gym... get that blood flowing Have a self-care day or getaway

Retail Therapy

Dance to your favorite music Visit or talk to your loved ones

Try something new!! Perhaps a new recipe or fun activity.

Declutter a space in your home

Bring a new plant into your space There's so much you can do!!

If you decide 2 do some retail therapy don't forget about us.

A portion of YOUR MONEY goes towards making a difference in others lives.


Stop The Stigma.

Stand Out.

Stand Up.

Speak Up.

Save Lives.

You can also Join the fun!!

Show someone they're special & on your mind.

TAG them in honor of Mental Health or any other cause

you or either they may be passion about.

Remember No acts of Kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted!!

Be kind to others and be kind to your mind!


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